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Specialized Hardrock Mtb
I am out of my league, but trying to functionally restore, and customize to my needs an early 90s (?, serial # and date codes not yet checked) Specialized Hard Rock rigid frame mtb while spending the bare minimum to do so (<$50; wrap/grips, tubes, cables/housings, etc.).
Bike was donated for refurbishment by a friend whose older brother passed, and had 4 bikes to move out: a cheapo wallyworld fake mtb, a newer style Schwinn alloy frame Varsity, early 80s Panasonic sport racer, and the Hard Rock mtb which by far looked the worse, but was the best bike by far in quality. Not sure of its value, but certainly worth it for no cost.

Drivetrain is Sun Tour/Dia Compe XCM system (RD, FD, 7 spd rear cluster, shifters). Cheap stamped steel chainrings will be retained due to very little wear other than the rust (I'll drillium and paint them); chain is good. High quality CroMo frame with lower end components; cockpit is a steel bar and stem (quill style).

I stripped some very good working Deore LX parts (RD, shifters/brake levers) from a Trek 8000ZX alloy frame (frame is available really cheap, $25, if someone wants it: Easton tubing w/OE cranks and headset installed; the fork, w/Judy suspension, is toast. If interested private msg me).

I'm not sure if the Deore equipment (7 spd also) will index properly with the XCM cluster; if not I'll swap the OE shifters (need overhauling) to the Trek salvaged bar/System 2 stem set-up with a quill adaptor for the threadless stem.
It has what appear to be nearly unused KendaKross tires so lots of $ saved there (and a tire design I like), and the Trek salvaged lightweight saddle w/alloy post will be another free upgrade replacement to the damaged heavy comfort saddle on it.
Pedals are cheap blocks, and toasted; but I have a pair of beater "SPD" style eggbeaters so no $ spent on that end either; will spray paint pink or blue for effect (most of the orig. red paint is gone).

My main concern are the brakes. Function has been tested for general operability; but I have no idea as to their performance capabilities for high speed descents.

I'll do a nail polish touch-up paint job as rust prevention and remove the nasty looking spoke guard to give the aesthetics a boost so the deer will not laugh when they see my beater mtb.

Overall, I should end up with a lighter and better performing bike at a very modest cost to do so; and something I might be able to sell for one and a half to twice what I will put into it. Not my normal thing to build up a $75-$100 beater bike, but perfect for my needs.


Parts from Trek
Take care,

"I am become Death, the destroyer of bicycles." NJS
Other than AliExpress, randombikeparts is amazing for getting basic and even premium stuff for cheap.
I am very much looking forward to updates on this. Should turn into a very snazzy ride.

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