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Rossin CL score
Was thrilled to find this rossin on CL and have lots of plans for it. It came in several different pieces and this is the state we got it into to be able to ride it to the store. Since this pic: campy veloce short cage derailleur, brooks C17, 3ttt Synthesis 120mm stem, blue velocity aerohead rims on campy record hubs with 9 speed cassette. I'll be sure to post an 'after' pic as soon as she's back from the store. Interested to hear any thoughts/ideas any of you may have. It's a 56cm frame and I'm 6'1, so working to stretch my reach out some on this shorter frame. Thanks guys!

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Very nice! If you post some more detailed photos, we might get a year and model for you. Looks early to mid 80s (more mid); I highly doubt 90s. That paint job is very 80s like, but the 90s were still getting some interesting paint schemes too.. I have a couple of '80's Rossin frames both Columbus "SL" and "SLX" tube sets.
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(10-18-2020, 02:38 PM)ironskillet Wrote:  120mm stem... It's a 56cm frame and I'm 6'1, so working to stretch my reach out some on this shorter frame. Thanks guys!

Looks like the height would be a good fit. I think my longest stem is 140mm, so you get less than an inch extension over the 120mm if you found one. I have a bike that is small for me (and I'm small) that I have a drop bar with bar end shifters; when climbing I've inadvertently hit the levers with my knees causing some inopportune shifting. I am bringing a bullhorn bar with me when I get north just to alleviate that issue; might be an alternative if you don't mind that style; bullhorns definitely stretch you out. Problem on my bike is I don't like bullhorns for climbing out of the saddle.

Looks like the '88 version Cromor frame with "Blue Quatro" paint scheme. An odd bike that Rossin apparently offered with the "Sprint Group" (Camp. "Victory"), Camp. "Super Record", Camp. "Chorus", or Shimano 105. I doubt that there were many of these entry to mid level frames fitted with a "Super Record" group or Chorus group. Most serious racers would go for the higher end frames if spending that much money for a top of the line groupset. The catalog image shows a "Victory" group (Rossin's "Sprint" groupset) so that was probably a common configuration; although the Shimano 105 for the year was by far a better shifting group than even the Camp. "Victory" and "Super Record" at the time (my opinion, but backed by many); I ride a first year 1987 Shimano 105 group on TT "'lo-pro" frame); braking is fairly comparable between the groups. The new (at the time) Chorus group was probably better shifting than the old "Super Record" which essentially was phased out in '88.

(credit: Rossin catalog scans from Bulgier.net)

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"I am become Death, the destroyer of bicycles." NJS
Sweet score man! Don't forget to post that "after the makeover photo" Smile
@ironskillet what's that original saddle in bordeaux color?

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