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Requested question

I have this "uncle" Rod, my dad's friend who asked me a favor to get an honest opinion about this tail gate bike holder.

There's no fat bike category on this forum so the closest kind is MTB.

He is planning to buy a Thule or Yakima, and he sent this https://www.levittownfordparts.com/sku/vfl3z-9955100-a.html as reference.

He and his son are using Salsa Fatbikes. And they are concerned if this kind of bike holder can hold a fat bikes.

Please reply if this is not a good buy or if there's something better to purchase. They have 4 fatbikes.

Thank you.
Hello. Thule is a very good brand in my eyes, but I'm not 100% confident about this particular product. I've read before that the straps on this bike holder are not well done and lack "grip", but not sure if this is the same holder that I'm thinking of. Overall, it should have space for 5-7 bikes, meaning that 4 fatbikes should fit.

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