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My new cassette cluster is noisy
I replaced my cassette cluster with an exact replica per your demonstration, all went well. However, I took if for a ride and it didn't sound as smooth as my old broke in cassette cluster, do I need to give it some more break in time? My chain length seemed okay last time checked about 500 miles ago, but do I need to replace it, it looks fine, derailleur looks fine. Your take?

Hi Greg,
Thanks for your question. This a common problem when replacing either the cassette or chain. They both wear together so I'm guessing your chain is worn and needs replacing as well. Here's <a href="">one way to measure a new chain</a>. Then your drivetrain should be nice and smooth! Let me know how it goes.

Thank you Alex! I cleaned & lubed the chain real well and took it out for a quick 9 miles, very smooth. I couldn't have done any of these maint./upgrades if not for your instructional videos.

I'm so glad to hear your bike is working smoothly again, and that you've found the tutorials helpful.

Hi again. I just finished a video that shows how to <a href="">check for chain wear</a>


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