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Used commuter / errand runner in Houston - trailer compatible
Hi all, new member here, directed from the WhichBike subReddit.

I haven't had a bike in a few years but really miss it. I live in Houston, so only moderately bike-friendly. I am 5'10" and have 32" inseam, and believe my frame should be 17" for commuter/mountain and 54-57 cm for a road bike. I would prefer a used touring or cyclocross bike of good quality, MSRP over $500, but used less than $200. I plan to use it for running short errands/trips (hopefully groceries in a trailer) and separately taking two kids to the park or library. (Aside: Can anybody recommend a good kid carrier that separately also haul groceries?)

I've been reading a few blogs and found the following makes/models as good. Do you agree? Trek 7.2 or 7.0 FX, GT Transeo, Cannondale Adventure, K2 Astral, Jamis Coda Sport, Giant Escape.

Here are a few listings in my area, any of these seem like a good deal?
+ Is this overpriced? - https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/701597987023668/
+ Is this a good brand? - https://houston.craigslist.org/bik/d/houston-fuji-touring-series-4-vintage/7007856143.html

Thanks so much!
Frame height is... a dark art nowadays. The sloping top tubes make that measure really not a consistent number across (and even within) brands.

We have a Thule Cougar 2, I have some issues with their quality control. The wheels of the old one (single seater) wer imho of better build quality - unfortunately they are not compatible. We do a bit of bike touring and use it every day to drop off the kids at kindergarten. One thing to watch out for when buying a bike are the rear dropouts. They need to be flat so the mounting plate / hitch will seat correctly.

Bike: look for end of season offers. We bought cyclocross bikes some years ago, mrsp was 1000€,we paid 600. The breaks were crap (Tektro whatever), replaced them with Avid BB7s. Fuji makes some nice bikes, not sure about the old ones. Painkiller will hopefully comment on it Wink
Thanks Joe for your thoughts
Hello Patrick, I guess first decide whether you want a drop bar bike or flat bar. from your description I would recommend a flat bar style. of the two links you posted the cannondale might be the better of two but I do not think it would be a good choice merely because of the Magura brakes may not be user friendly if you are not a mechanic and parts sourcing could be a problem. The sidewalls of the tires look dry and probably on their last leg which would involve more money than the $350 asking price. It also looks as if the Headshock does not function(a good question to ask before buying) as even more hidden money or just leave it in lockout mode. which does de-value the bike. so I would say $350 in to high in this case. You mentioned the Jamis Coda Sport, good pick in my opinion because of the cromo steel frame if you can find one. The older coda sports 2006ish had flat out road bike gearing alloy cranks with replaceable chainrings and the newer coda sports (2013ish) have toned the gearing down abit more to hybrid bike city/path type of gearing with lower on the food chain components but in line to other brands in the price range. If you were willing budget wise in the $500 range The Coda would be top pick for me and would recommend just buying a new one. The reason I say buy new in this price range because there will be no hidden costs other than accessories to suit you. It is nothing to have to throw a couple hundo at a used bike to make it sound and reliable for the long run. When shopping for a used bike you find there must be 10 different definitions of (excellent condition) and needs nothing, most often not the case. people are just funny that way. Only a new bike will actually be in like new condition!. good to go for a few years and good support from your Local bike shop most of the time. From the money stand point new vs used ends up about the same in this price range because you buy used for $350ish put $100 or 2 in it or buy new for $500ish run it for a few yrs , do nothing to it and then sell it for 2 or 3 hundo. the cost of ownership ends up about the same. Hope this helps. Be sure to post back what you end up with and pictures are always a plus!
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