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Stripped linkage bolt and frame threading - 2018 Santa Cruz Tallboy AL
Imgur Album of Bolt and Assembly

I recently picked up a "lightly" used 2018 Tallboy AL [] and upon the first deep cleaning noticed some play as i ran the rag over a bolt in the lower linkage. I was able to pull it out of the frame without any thread engagement and am quite concerned.

I was able to find a diagram of the lower linkage on Santa Cruz's website (Attached with notes) and found the exact part number of the bolt needed (26-17011 - Bolt M12x25, DS)

Inspecting the bolt, the thread is chewed up but not SO bad that there should be so little thread engagement. That is what has me worried that the frame threading is also chewed up. I need to disassemble (waiting for my CCP-22 crank puller) the bike to get a good look inside the frame behind the linkage but from what I can see through the bearing and linkage it appears to be damaged as well.

What are your recommendations? I reached out to Santa Cruz, but not being the original owner I'm in a pickle.

My plan is:

Order a new M12x25 Bolt from SC and see if the fresh threads engage

If the fresh bolt does not engage, clean and chase the threads in the AL frame with a tap

Bring to a machine shop to install a helicoil? Add material to get a fresh thread? Not really sure here as these options are 'no turning back'

Hoping someone can provide some guidance/advice on this topic. Extremely upsetting to have discovered this after my first ride on the bike, knowing it was sold to me with this issue being concealed. I'm happy this didn't result in a catastrophic failure while on the trail leading to another scar to match the one on my wrist in the photo above.


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servus! no damage on bolt? could this video be somewhat relatable to your issue -> when I was reading your post just remembered about watching this couple weeks ago. good luck and let us know about the solution and end results.

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