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Going clipless...
Hello folks. I'm seriously considering going clipless. My primary riding is commuting and bike trail riding for exercise. I spend a lot of time on the street also. I have a mountain/hybrid style bike and I'd like to keep the look of the platform style pedals, so I really don't want an "eggbeater" type of pedal. I'd appreciate any suggestions on an SPD pedal that anyone has used and can recommend. Thanks.

If you're just starting out with clipless, I'd recommend a two-sided pedal like these, as they are weighted on one side for easy access, but they also have a platform on the other side for those days when you don't feel like wearing the shoes... I used this exact pair for years and loved them!
greetings all,
i have a road bike and a mountain bike, I want to get a pair of shoes that I can use for both bikes. But for some reason I tend to think that road bikes should have smaller pedals.
Alex recommended the two-sided, I liked the idea. Should i use the two-sided on both Road and Mountain? thoughts, recommendations.

I can't think of any reason why they wouldn't work for both types of riding, but maybe others have different thoughts... my experience with them is based on cycle-touring and commuting.

Hey guys, I just wanted to check back in on the pedal issue. I took your advice Alex, and purchased the Wellgo pedals from JensonUSA. They arrived very quickly but I haven't tried them yet. They appear to be very nice pedals. I went to my LBS and was fitted for and ordered SPD shoes, specifically the Shimano SH-MT51. I'll let you know how things go when I get the shoes and install the pedals and go for a spin.

Well, I finally got the shoe/pedal combo together and I've got to say it's great. I like the feeling of being clipped in, I don't have to worry about my feet coming off the pedals on bumpy terrain. I also like the extra power I get from a complete spin. The Wellgo pedals are excellent too, the platform on the one side makes starting out in traffic a no brainer. Thanks for the advice Alex.

Hey no problem Binzer, great to hear they're working for you!

Is there a trick to setting up cleats for clipless pedals? allyoop.

I'm not an expert, but what worked for me was to start with the cleats pretty much under the ball of my foot. After that it became a matter of trial and error to determine the most comfortable position for me. Just take your time with the adjustments. It may take a few rides before you find the best position for you.

What is the point to the clips and special shoes? I've never used them before but I'm interested in knowing the reason for having it?

The main purpose behind toe-clips and clipless pedals is to allow you to use the power of pulling up on one pedal as you push down on the other, there-by taking full advantage of your pedal stroke. That way you're spinning the pedals rather than push, push, push... what some cyclists refer to as "pedaling squares". I hope this helps.

I've had my spd pedals and shoes for 10 plus years now and won't go back to clip style for my mountain bike. I keep my pedals set loose so that it doesn't take much of a twist to unclip but not enough to pop out if I'm riding hard. I have a pair of shimano pedals, can't remember the model however and they are still looking good and working fine. They are double sided as well which makes it easy to clip in. Only drawback is they are a touch heavy but not too bad.


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