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What kind of lube/grease to use?

What is the difference between lube and grease? and what would i use on a locking skewer that i just got? could you guys recommend me few cheap reliable options? i am new to repairing bikes please bear with me Smile
To me:-

Lube = lubrication - so would expect oil.
Grease = Protection - thick non-drip consistency.

Have a look in your local Auto store and see what's on the shelves. Grease, suitable for bearings, comes in a tin and would probably be more economical than bike shop specific ones. Would be suitable for assembling threads, wheel and headset bearings. I have been using this for years now as a tin lasts a long time.

I also thinly grease my seat posts and stems to stop corrosion and seizing.

Lube, mainly for chain, cables, brake pivots, etc.

Don't use WD40 (or similar) except as a water dispersant and helps to free of threads. (It freed off a sticky STI gear changer on one of my bikes.)

I have recently used "3 in one" oil on my chains as it thin and "soaks" into the links rollers. But being thin it also runs out easy. (it was on special offer in the local shops.)

Best for chains is something that is thin but on evaporation leaves a sticky oil. Being sticky though will also attract dust and grit which invariably ends up on the chain rings and cassette..

I would "grease" your skewer all along the shaft and the threads. Oil the moving part if you want but I never have.
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thanks for the thorough solution!

I use chain bar oil on my bicycle chain and for grease I use marine grease. I have never had a problem using this grease or with the bar chain oil. I also use marvel mystery oil for my cables.
My dad always told me a Sledge a matic can fix any thing.
For Grease i recommend Phil Wood for Ball And Roller Bearings i used this and my headset bottom bracket and Works Great.

for Lube I Recommend Boeshield T.9 For Bicycle Lubrication and is great. i used this for drive chain derailleur brake cables shift cables caliper pivots seat post spoke nipples inside the frame
I use a teflon based high temp grease for bearings. Ill get the name of it later. It works very very well. To some it may be overkill lol.
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!

Another vote for marine grease. Here in Australia I just got a small tub from the local autoshop. Will last yonks and was reasonably priced.

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I use Super-Web Grease for repacking bearings and what not.
ive always used a lithium grease and never had any issues ( not the spray type )

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(01-15-2010, 07:31 PM)Jordan300 Wrote:  I use Super-Web Grease for repacking bearings and what not.

have seen this recently .... do u rate it ?

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lithuim ion grease so thick it sticks well but you need a long bristle brush to apply thin coats 1/2 lb tin £1.99 had it for 7 yrs and aint used 1/10th of tin yet
I use some Finish Line Ceramic Wet for the chain on my off-road bikes and something teflon based on my road bike (brand: don't know, too lazy to go to the basement). No problems so far. Grease for bearings and somesuch (anti seize for seat posts etc): some automotive stuff... I should probably try the marine grease for the off road bikes' bearings...

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