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Recommended sites for diy recumbent bike
I'm time rich, cash poor and mechanically inclined. I would like to find out what type of recumbent bike would be good for daily commuting as well as long distance touring, hauling my gear with me. Want to be efficient but not interested in land speed records. Need to be able to climb hills with touring load and commute at a decent pace. What type of recumbent bike is best given these needs, and what diy sites have plans for this diy?
Recumbents are very problematic when commuting, due to poor visibility to motorists, poor sightlines (hard to see around corners, cars, etc.) and more difficult starting and low speed maneuvering. They also can be a challenge in the rain as far as rider comfort. Semi-recumbents are better for commuting but are less efficient, especially for touring. Low budget is going to be a challenge in building any bike from scratch, and you will need welding skills. A used one would probably be the best choice.

Perhaps one in one thousand persons own a recumbent, even fewer as their primary bike. You don't say why you are only looking at a recumbent, but if it's because you must have one due to some physical limitation why don't you just Google "diy recumbent?" I just did so and there are many results that appear to be helpful. I'd also suggest you try one before embarking on the project if you have not done so already.

These links may also be useful - list pros and cons.

There are plenty of other resources available with a Google search.
If you MUST have DIY and recumbent look here for plans: http://www.atomiczombie.com/
Craig Domingue - East Texas Hick
(01-27-2015, 01:13 PM)plame Wrote:  Early tentative idea I want to DIY...which I need 32" front wheel.

I just Google "32inch bike wheel" ... and there no results that appear to be helpful.

...basically I need...to get started!...Help where to find 32" wheel with tire.

32" is what? The outside diameter of the tire? They bead seat diameter?

About the closest you can get (production) is a 60-622 tire, which will give you an outer diameter of approximately 742mm.

Or you can roll your own from scratch. You'll need a straight extrusion - pretty hard to obtain, and something like an English wheel to form it into a circle of the desired size. You may have to heat stress relieve the material between forming operations. You have to decide if you are going to pin, braze or weld the ends together. Lastly drill the holes for the spokes.

48H hubs are easily found (Niagara Cycle Works); and with that large a wheel, more spokes are appropriate.

Or you could find someone with a large lathe to make a monolithic rim/hub.

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