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2007 marzocchi dj 3 rv qr-20 fork mod
Hello, so here is the deal I have a (2007) marzocchi dj3 rv fork its 100mm travel, now to my knowledge, and correct me if im wrong, there is no adjustment on these forks..the top of the forks has a flat nut cap on both sides..and a silver nipple type looking nut cap at the bottom of each leg..now my question is i read a post on a different site and the guy said he "changed the top cap from a rebound adjustment (4mm hex key) to an air valve adjuster" sounds wild and I would like to try it i seen it done on a quick youtube clip, but it was done too fast for me to comprehend what i was watching..if this is possible to do I would love to do it, can you give me some pointers on how to do it? i am pretty handy on working on bikes, as is I do alot of custom work..I just dont know which side he removed and I dont know if he custom modified something to do it,,I am cumfortable with modifying whatever I have to..I just want to kno how and what to do.
try pausing the video.

Best advice though: dump the suspension and go rigid. Much lighter and faster.
(08-24-2014, 12:45 PM)nfmisso Wrote:  try pausing the video.

Best advice though: dump the suspension and go rigid. Much lighter and faster.
Good advice on pausing the video Nigel, But depending on the quality of suspension, it is probably faster at least from a single trac perspective. You know me well enough I think, that I am a rigid fan for sure, but I do have a couple hardtails and full suspension that are nothing but fast In singletrac. (depending on the rider of course). No one bike is perfect for all occasions that is true. Hard to explain to a Wife! Ha!. She quit counting along time ago. She is guilty of finding sweet bikes for profit though(as long as I do all the work) Smile
Not always lighter compared to rigid either, My Barracuda comes in @ 24lbs and chump change (alloy) as does my Bontrager (steel), but of course could save a pound or so with rigid forks
oops, while am thinking about it my full suspension (alloy) when done will be in the 25 or 6 range, and very fast in single trac!
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thank you, i am actually a fan of rigid myself..but i do have a couple different bikes, i have a rigid fat tire bike 26" its a single gear which i love..i have a totally custom built 26" full suspension, its a steel frame. 3 1/2 inches of travel..and my 2007 norco one25 that one has the dj3 on it..ive seen a few mods on it that look cool and seem to work well, and i figured out how to make the dj3 ride rigid by pumping air into the valves on top which i just found out it had today when i was repainting and servicing my bike..but i just want to make it a more versitile fork is all..looking for ideas,so if you guys find any video tutorials on modding the dj3 fork send em my way..
right now i use my norco for a bit of everything, downhill, trail riding, parks, that sort of thing..its a single speed also..i usually dont ride gears, i used to customize my rear gears, when i had them..lol i ran 11,13,16(which is an odd gear to find)19 and 22 rear and single 28 in front with a jump stop and a bash guard..worked great, till i broke the hanger on the norco..and the derailer hanger for it is hard to find..so now its 13 in back and 28 front, no jump stop or bashguard.

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