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Need HELP with my hub and wobbling freewheel!
Hi, I bought a cheap foldable 6 speed bike with no front derailleur about a month ago and I have trouble having a nice clean shift of gears everytime I ride. The gears are always skipping when I just got it and some gears are not useable because the rear derailleur doesn't reach them.
I brought my bike the first time for a checkup and the mechanic got the screws on my rear derailleur at the right place, now all gears are useable, only the 5th and 6th occasionally skips but the 2nd gear is annoyingly loud! I lubed the chain using a dry lube and it still remained the same.
Brought my bike to the same shop again for the second time and the mechanic says the hub is a little tilted and I did notice the freewheel of my bike wobbling slightly.
I am not sure whether I should replace something or just let the problem be because it's real annoying... Oh yah, my chain also wont drop down to 2nd gear from the 1st gear when I pulled the lever, so help me! Sad
You need:
1. A new mechanic.
2a. A new freewheel.
2b. A new chain.
(07-08-2014, 03:33 PM)nfmisso Wrote:  You need:
1. A new mechanic.
2a. A new freewheel.
2b. A new chain.

I saw this video online a few minutes ago while doing a bit of research on the internet:

I'm not sure if this is true, but it says the hub might be related and the mechanic at my local shop said the same thing too.
Yes, the video says is that the hub is generally the cause (and it explains why in detail, so there's really no reason to doubt that it's true) but what it also says is this:

"How much does freewheel wobble affect rear regular and index shifting ....Little or no affect."

It takes a VERY large amount of freewheel wobble to cause any problem.

The author (mrrabbit) is very experienced with hubs, having built thousands of wheels. He is active on

I agree you need a mechanic who can properly diagnose and correct the problem. You have not said but I assume you are bringing it back to the shop where it was purchased. If the person who worked on it previously is not the head mechanic then ask that the head mechanic work on the bike due to the continued problems you have had.

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