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Clicking noise on each rotation
Hi i have a touring bike it is well looked after but after a routeen weekly wash that i do on the bike there seems to be a clicking noise everytime the rear wheel rotates fully onece. the noise is louder and more frequent the faster i go

I wondered if there is a simple fix or if anyone could hint to what it is

Thanks if you can

Also all i use for cleaning is soapy water and clean water degreaser and lube
lots of possibilities; some are:

* cracked rim.
* loose spoke.
* rock or other debris in tire tread
* tire defect
* inner tube defect
* wheel bearings

My last one was a cracked rim on our T50 tandem.
ok thanks man ill take a look at them i think its probably the rim or bearings because the noise reduces if i lean the bike right when cycling and increases if i move left. Ill make sure spokes are tight and then ill re grease the bearings and clean any debris out


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