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Scored 1993 Trek 950 MINT
This evening I scored a MINT 1993 Trek 950 in my size Smile
The tires do need air...
1993 was the last year for lugs on the 900 series frames. The frame is brazed double butted cro-mo. The 1994 frames were cheaper TIG welded, and fractionally heavier.
Nice score. I wanted that one but could not go for the big bucks. Got a 830 instead. Nice bike till it got stolen.....Yours is in great condition.

Hey Nigel you starting a bike collection. :-)
Never Give Up!!!
Nice Nigel! right up my alley. How did I let that one slip thru my fingers? 2000 miles might have something to do with it, Ha. Want to trade a 58cm Trek Alpha 2000? Let me know Smile
I am sporting out a 700c Trek 700 for my Nephew. He is going to love it. steel is still real no matter what the flavor I say!
There are two kinds of people in the world, "Those who help themselves to people, and those who help people!"
Thanx guys.

George - I got a phenomenal deal on this one - less than the asking price for 830's on CL now... And it is absolutely MINT - show room condition. I will get some better pictures later this week.

Bob - trade for aluminum - no way. Double butted cr-mo or 531 only for me. I would trade my '94 930 (TIG welded) and cash for a lugged ('91-'93) 750 or 790 in my size though.

Collection - yes, but it will be getting thinned out. Anything that is not double butted cr-mo or 531 is probably going to be available; except my World Tourist. My keepers:
* '93 Trek 950 (lugged)
* '93 Trek T50 (TIG)
* '94 Trek 930 (TIG) - but would trade.
* '85 Schwinn Cimarron (some lugs, some fillet brazed)
* Cycle Pro Ram
* GT (green) (TIG)
* Jack Taylor tandem (double butted 531, fillet brazed)

The investment cast seat post lug on the 950 is a work of art. I am thinking about lining the lugs....
When my Trek 830 got stolen I looked for a replacement and got a real good deal on a Schwinn High Plains, Paramount design, made in USA.. It was aluminum and that was a big deal since aluminum bikes were at a premium back then. (still Are.) It was good for a MB it was a stiff frame however it is not a light one. The equipment is low grade but never failed me. The shifters were recently replaced and fork changed when I first got it, to suspension fork. Still have the old fork.

Since than I got a Fuji del Rey RB with quad butted steel frame. Love it , Its light springy and just loves to sprint. I no longer ride for the Santa Monica dept of Parks Mountain Bike Unit, so the MB became more of a loner bike while the Fuji is my main fix.

Today 82 degrees here in Venice and I am going for a ride on the beach bike path, yayyyy........

Never Give Up!!!
yea Nigel, I knew you would not go for the aluminum vs. the sweet lugged CrMo. But let me chime in a bit on your grab. It is not mint until I get done with it ( or you in this case) U gets done with it.If I can share my formula for retaining or adding value to a bike is simply this.
Anyone who has I read my posts in the past has heard me speak of A, B grade, 95%+ perfect and said to yourself, "What is this idiot PK guy talking about" It is simply this: Nigel you have a perfect bike in your possession to utilize this formula to make the bike that sells, retains value for the time and money spent on it, even more so if you got it on the cheap.
Rule #1 On a break down of every component and piece of the bike, ask yourself. is it 95%+ perfect. If not replace it or restore it with that in mind. If you do this and do not deviate the bike will automatically come together as a whole as such. see rule #2
Rule#2 In order for rule #1 to retain or add value to a bicycle, never ever swap or add to such bicycle lower end but only same or higher end of period correct components of 95%+ perfection.
Rule#3 Complete tear down/inspect/service of bicycle, including hand polishing and repair of any paint/decal defects of components or otherwise.
When this is done, then you will have a "mint" or "pristine" example.
Consider this bike an awesome slate and a chance like most like myself would love to get my clutches on and resurrect back to perfection. great grab Nigel ! and thanks for letting me share.
I really look forward to what you have in store for it.
There are two kinds of people in the world, "Those who help themselves to people, and those who help people!"

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