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More shifting problems
I ride an early 90's specialized hybrid. It was an 18 speed twist shift. Recently I had it converted to thumb shifters and added a low gear to seven. However I bought used shifters and cassette, It worked for a day or 2 except I wasn't getting my new low gear, I think there is an adjustment in the shifter to change from six speeds to seven? Also I read (in your comments ) that the derailer wont interchange?It seemed to work but I was having problems with it shifting gears on its own and not staying in gear. I adjusted on it and now its like nothing works (I'm getting only the middle gears on the shifter) I plan on getting a brand new shimano 7 speed cassette it was on order, should I get the derailer also? I'd really like to get it usable with what I have at least for now. Where Should I start? Adjust The derailer then shifter cable I totally messed that up. And how to get it down to the lowest gears to start the adjusting? I know this is a lot of questions and I'm way over my head so I thank you for any help to at least just get me back on the road.

First let's figure out what components you have. I'm a little confused by your description and I just want to get it right.
How many sprockets are on the rear cassette right now?<br />
How many gears was your rear derailleur originally set up for?<br />
How many gears does your rear shift lever have?
All of these components are designed to work together. If you have a 6 speed bike you have to change the cassette, derailleur and shifter to make it a 7 speed. However, 7 and 8 speed components are often interchangeable.

7 on the cassette and it was originally a 6 the derailer is the original but I changed the chain, the shifters were originally from a seven speed but they were adjusted for a six. Is it possible to get my lowest 6 gears? Also, it did work for a short while at seven.

Sorry, I have three sprockets on the big gears.

Also, is changing the derailer hard? I'm on a budget can I do the work?

Make sure you find a 7-speed derailleur with the same mounting bracket as your old one. Unfortunately a 7-speed shifter won't work with a 6-speed derailleur as the gear spacing is different.

Thanks. I'm going to purchase a new derailer and a new seven speed cassette but it looks like I cant get the 11 toothed one I wanted, but they have a thirteen,and I'm going to let them pick out the right derailer. Thanks for the information you have a great sight and I would like very much to come back and hopefully I'll have a NEW problem. Thanks.

Aye carumba talk about good news bad news or okay news. The guy at the shop was able to adjust it to work in all gears but he didn't have a cassette that I wanted. I have (recently bought a 13 tooth. I was hoping to get an 11 but they don't make them. He adjusted the derailer a lot and lengthened the shifter to get seven speeds was actually a lot of work even though it took him about 20 minutes it would of took me all winter. That said I plan on being able next time to do my own work.


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