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BMX bike trailer... possible??
Hey Guys,
Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but here it goes:

I'm trying to figure out how to ride my MTB(rigid city rider) with my BMX bike behind it or attached, so I don't have to take the car when I want to go BMXing(too much loading and unloading due to the bike rack and especially GAS). I know, I know... I could just ride the BMX bike there, but the BMX bikes of today have the seats real low(compact frame) and I would most likely be worn out by the time I got there(from standing the whole ride).
I have a one wheel trailer that I use often and I'm trying to figure how to incorporate it to pull the BMX bike. I've seen the set-ups that the MTB guys are using in their trucks with the front wheel removal and the fork attachment quick connect hold downs. This would probably work on the trailer, but the BMX axles are 14mm, not 10mm. Don't even know if they sell this size hold down.
I have also seen the bikes for kids that attach to the seatpost of the lead rider(parents usually), so the kids can pedal behind, but not have to worry about balancing the bike. This could be a concept to use??
I have a rear rack on the MTB(pull) bike and have thought about maybe attaching the fork to it somehow...

Anyways... You guys have any ideas??
Get or fashion a trailer big enough to hold the BMX bikes w/out wheels on it, remove wheels, place BMX bike in trailer. Trailer is then available for other uses.
You are referring to something like this:

Yes it would work fine with your BMX - at most you might want to add a couple of washers on each side of the fork dropouts. I would also bungee cord the frame to the trailer. If possible, mount it low and in front of the trailer wheel; I would go with in front of and high, instead of in back of and low. Bungee the front wheel as far forward on the trailer as possible.

I would also try the same block (link above) on your rear rack, and see how it goes. At most you'll have a couple of unwanted holes in your rear rack. You may need to fabricate a backing plate to mount it to your rear rack, and at a minimum use fender washers to spread the load.

This is another option:
Thanks guys !!
One more option - get a really TALL seat post (and maybe second saddle) for the BMX bike, and switch when you get to BMX park.
Ahhh... it's going to have to be a long one... I'll see what I can find.

Thanks Nigel !!

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