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Bike manufacturer and approx year?
I am curious if anyone knows what manufacturer this is and approx. year.. I am looking to get an around town bike and came across this.. I have a front suspension GT bicycle I love and adore, but my neck isn't as fond of it anymore due to an old bicycle pile up accident back in 1990... A more upright position for extended riding doesn't aggrevate my neck like my GT does... my daughter has a great cruiser I got her and I don't want to sell my GT to buy a cruiser, but I am not interested in buying a piece of junk... Hoping to find manufacturer and approx. year to do some research as to if this is worth anything at all.
Can't see what that is, but very rough guess you might get 75-100 selling it. Most used bikes just don't sell for much unless their something collectible (and Fall's not the best time to sell a bike either).

One option might be to make your GT more comfortable. You could put swept back bars on it like this:
That would make you a lot more upright and give you more of a cruiser feel without buying a whole new bike.
See that Internal Cable Routing? That's a relatively new bike. Are any parts (like the saddle) labled Bontrager? It looks like a Trek, to me. Can you make out any writing on the head-tube badge up front?
Can't you rig up your GT with an adjustable stem like the one in the pic, or get a bar with more rise?

It's only "worth anything at all" if it's what you're looking for!
Hey Dave! You beat me by a minute. LOL.
Good link!
Wheelies don't pop themselves. (from a QBP fortune cookie)
Duh! Had a blonde moment realized I had the name wrong on my MTN bike it's a GT Timberline FS. Well tomorrow I go look at bike unless my schedule doesn't jive with the lady who is selling it. She is 22 and says the bike is old! I'm guessing my MTN bike is older. LOL
I just found a pic of a Trek and I think you nailed it! I'm hoping to keep GT intact for camping for myself and kids. We live just north of San Francisco so we are lucky enough to ride nearly all year long
based on the frame design and crankset; I would guess that it is newer that 2000.
WOO HOO 30 bucks and it is a TREK! She was desperate for $ was asking 30. Had it listed as a 7 speed but it's a 21! Tires were flat but the back brakes grip tight it has a horrible rattle can pink paint job. So she is now my Pink ugly duckling. THANKS EVERYONE FOR THE INPUT. Happy to have 2 bicycles again!!!!
7 speed = 7 sprockets in the rear = usually 21 gears (with the three chain rings in the front)... it used to be different, but that was Back When Dinosaurs Ruled Earth... so today's 10 speed drive trains can have 30 gears in total, in contrast to what was called 10 speed in the 70s.

Safe riding!
If your neck still bothers you with the new bike, I suggest cruiser handle bars, they come back much more than what you have.
(10-17-2013, 03:13 PM)1FJEF Wrote:  If your neck still bothers you with the new bike, I suggest cruiser handle bars, they come back much more than what you have.

I am guessing I need a cruiser bike. Just finally found out what a mess I am physically. I was diagnosed with bilateral neurogenic and venous thoracic outlet syndrome. I have someone interested in my GT. It was just given an overhaul not to long ago. Brakes, tired etc. Frame is in great shape. Dr says forward reaching will continue to aggravate my problem. I had so much fun with that GT I hesitate to get rid off it but I can't ride it without being in pain after. ;(. I'm thinking of asking $150. And go from there
Why not put cruiser bars, and possibly change the stem on your GT?

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