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What Brake Pad Should I Buy?
I have this bike.

It says the breaks are, Shimano Alivio M-System brakes

I'm trying to figure out which break pads to buy. This is just a road commuting bike.

I looked on Amazon, I have the free amazon prime month, but there are hundreds of different break pads of different sizes.

Measuring the current pads with a ruler, they are 70mm long. And the breaks are caliper in design.
A pic of your brakes would help, I think they are v-brake style. many say the koolstop salmon hit nice
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I like Kool Stop Supra 2 in Salmon, in any weather. I think the cantilever version is called Eagle 2.
Visit the Shimano techdocs site and type in Alivio. You will see all the components in that series listed including the brakes. Details will tell you what size is recommended.

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