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Upgrade Khs Vitamin A Bicycle
(07-11-2013, 11:43 AM)1FJEF Wrote:  
(07-07-2013, 05:29 PM)karlracki Wrote:  http://khsbicycles.com/bikes/2012-khs-models/vitamin-a/
how can I upgrade my bike?
Did this person mention their weight? If it's 200+ pounds I don't see a cheap set of light rims working out. You guys know much more than me, but isn't that the wrong kind of bike for a speed demon? It looks like a comfort bike with a different seat & accessories. Doesn't he need a drop bar road bike?
It does look like some of the component upgrades mentioned will give a much better "feel".
I would think if he wanted a drop bar he would have bought one. The example I pictured was as close as I had to offer ( documented ) to his situation to help him visualize what his could be after the mod. Realize that only only reason i bought the Gt Tachyon was because of the price, all I wanted was the wheels, frame,fork, bars, headset and things. The one I pictured was only mocked up and not done yet, It has the ATS adjustable stem system with flip flop stem. Say 2 riders use the bike, they each have their own seat and post and can within a minute or so change the stem and bar height to suit. It was built to be as competitive, tough, and fast as most any thing it needed to catch. With readily available reasonably priced components .The only difference in my personnel Tachyon was a 105 rear derailleur, carbon titanium skewers, carbon titanium bottom bracket,removed the ATS system and added carbon fiber bars and carbon alloy stem, pedal and seat choice. I am 230lbs on any given day and pound a bike this as if it were a mountain bike. even his should be tough enough with a moderate priced alex wheelset. The reason I my seem hardnosed a bit about certain ways to customize a bike is it has to be good and look good to, and perform to a high standard. I will not sell or build anything that is not. There are many other places out there fighting for that market of which I have no want or reason to compete with. I restore, repair, and custom build to suit and thats about it. my new bike sales are limited and would only be mid to highend unless doing a favor for somebody
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