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Replacing a rear axle with a quick release
Hi all,

I realized after a long time that my rear axle had broken. I went to my local bike shop and they took a look at it and sold me the appropriate replacement. I'm pretty handy, but I think I'm in a little over my head here. I've looked at many pictures of axle assemblies and watched a few videos, but they're all a little different than mine.

I have all the original components of my axle assembly (I THINK), but I assembled it the way it was on the old axle, and when I put it back through the hub, the axle is sticking out too much on one side, I think. Also, looking at a ton of other axle assembly pictures online, they all seem to have an extra spacer that I don't appear to have. I really, really think I have all the pieces, but I guess it's possible I lost a spacer or something.

Here are a few pictures of my axle assembly. They're laid out in the relative positions they were on the old axle (I think). I'm basically wondering if anyone could tell me if I'm definitely missing a spacer, or there's something else I should really know:


Any help would be very much appreciated. Thank you!!
Many bikes will have different combinations of nuts and spacers so I wouldn't worry about it looking like what you've seen online. It IS important though that you got them back in the same order and side that they started on.

You say it's too long on one side. Is it too short on the other? If so, back everything off a little on the long side and tighten on the short side till it's centered.

If it's too long on one side and just right on the other, try putting the wheel into the frame. Does the axle fit nice and snug between the dropouts? If so, just make sure the axle doesn't stick out past the outer edge of the dropout and you should be fine. But if there's a gap between the outer nuts and the inner surface of the frame that didn't used to be there, you may have left out a spacer. If so, you can just add washers to take up the space.
the more precise way to measure is to check the distance from the outer surface of the two outermost locknuts once the wheel's together. The is the Over locknut dimension (OLD). It's usually 126 on 7 speed and less road bikes 130 on newer road bikes, 135 on mtn bikes.

Also make sure that whatever you have on the driver (gear) side of the axle is long enough to stick out past the gear cluster so the gears won't hit the frame. It's common mistake to put them on the wrong side.

Last check. Once the wheel's together and back in the frame. If you wheel no longer sits centered in the frame (seat stays and chain stays) you may have gotten something on the wrong side.
What if both ends have broken off can the center be pushed out?
If the spacing on the inside of the dropouts is OK, there is sufficient clearance on the right side for the chain to shift and run properly on the small cog, and the axle is still too long just cut off enough so that the axle does not protrude past the outside of the dropout. That is necessary so that the Q/R can clamp onto the dropout properly. You may have to dress the end of the axle to allow proper threading. Just make sure you have a nut or cone on the axle before you shorten it, as unscrewing that will help clear the threads.
Both ends have broken off all the nuts cones, etc., is the center threaded in or can it be pushed out???
(05-31-2014, 02:22 PM)Seaswood Wrote:  Both ends have broken off all the nuts cones, etc., is the center threaded in or can it be pushed out???

On a standard axle, if both ends including all the nuts & cones were gone, the remaining piece of axle should be loose and just slide out of the hub. Only other thing I can think of is if you have sealed bearings and the bearings are pressed directly onto the axle, then you might have to force it out.

Need more detail or pics if this doesn't describe what you mean.
DaveM - Seaswood is not the OP - don't know what he's referring to, as the OP apparently already removed the old axle and installed the new set. Seaswood - if you are talking about a problem of your own you should post as a separate issue with more detail.
Appologies, old thread same problem.
Some forums would rather not have duplicate threads.
But sure thing.
Went back again this time the axle came out so see if I have correct wrenches.
Whoops, missed the zombie thread - glad you solved the problem.

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