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Tandemobile - WiP!
There are way too many nice clean build threads in here ;P Allow me to rectify the situation.

My senior year of high school (a year ago) I was asked out to prom by an acquaintance in my class. We had a great time, she struck me as an amazing person and great friend, and we've been dating since. She has a condition known as Cerebral Palsy, which impedes her motor function. As a consequence she's never ridden a bicycle.

[Image: IMG_20120427_121527.jpg]

During the summer I had the bright (okay, not so bright) idea to make a tandem bicycle, so that she would have some help pedaling and balancing.

I got to work hacking apart two garage sale bikes that were lying around, and got some good progress done. Unfortunately, moving to college interrupted the build, and I'm still waiting to complete the project this upcoming summer. I know now that it's entirely possible the bike won't work out, and even if it does I can see that I'm going to have to cut a lot of it back apart and re-weld to get it right first. At the very least, it was an amazing way to spend my summer break, and a pretty good learning experience to boot.

Here's some pictures! Mad props to my friend thedrmmr5 for taking most of them!

Full Imgur Album

Lots of welding ^_^
[Image: a3zgudll.jpg]

[Image: W5cgyXOl.jpg]

[Image: FDOmVTOl.jpg]

Progress "mini bike" while testing the weld method.
[Image: MFyXSrsl.jpg]

[Image: wpFxMcFl.jpg]

[Image: jwqfP6Tl.jpg]

[Image: ZM3S08gl.jpg]

[Image: ApqyTRUl.jpg]

Local bike store.
[Image: AUFiVHtl.jpg]

Ah! It lives!
[Image: Cez0cbVl.jpg]

[Image: yOnhGEll.jpg]

[Image: cW3kWECl.jpg]

[Image: 3mHW8cnl.jpg]

[Image: l4tVkJtl.jpg]

I used horrible welding protocol, and should be expelled from Hogwarts for it. I used soaked arc rods with an oxy welder x.x
[Image: BPuqY95l.jpg]

[Image: QrAxynFl.jpg]

[Image: cC1TwS4l.jpg]

[Image: Nbu1PStl.jpg]

[Image: DtVdO6ol.jpg]

[Image: MShm6WWl.jpg]

[Image: WT8m7gRl.jpg]

Till next time,
Keep pedalling!
Kudos on helping keeping your GF active. Looks like you have a good start at a bike building so let us know how the bike works out when it is complete and you two take a nice ride on it.
Have fun and just enjoy the ride
Thanks FredS, will do!
Keep pedalling!
Thanks for sharing, inspiring story she looks like a sweetheart in your picture. Kudos to the photographer too, got some cool shots off. keep us posted as to the rest of the story
There are two kinds of people in the world, "Those who help themselves to people, and those who help people!"

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