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Pedals will just spin at low temperature
My pedals are just spinning when my bike is cold.
I have goggled and I found that i probably is the freehub (does my bike have a freehub?). Is it worth/possible to fix that one or should I replace it?
What parts & tools do I need?

Any other parts that I should change when I'm on it?

It’s a Scott SUB 30 from 2008 that I use year around to work (3+3 mile).

Thanks for the help.

Probably it is the freehub getting gummed up inside. The grease inside gets thicker when it's cold. The quick fix is to flush some lube into it
- Lay the wheel on its side
- as you spin the cogs, dribble some penetrating oil, solvent, etc at the juncture between where the inner part stays still and the outer part spins. Hopefully you'll see it come out the back looking a lot darker and thicker as it washes out the old, hardened grease
- then flush through enough heavier oil to get all the solvent out and to relube.
- be careful to avoid getting any of this into the wheel bearings if you can
- lots of rags underneath, you're going to make a mess.

If this doesn't fix it, you can replace the freehub itself fairly easily.
Thanks, do I need exact the same freehub like the one I got "Shimano BB-UN26" or can I take any Shimano? What’s the difference of them?
I suppose that I need a special Shimano tool? If yes, which one?

The BB-UN26 is the bottom bracket. It is not the freehub. The freehub is the hub on the rear wheel.
Your freehub was originally: Shimano FH-RM30

Here is the replacement:

You need a 12mm allen key that fits in your socket set; it will take quite a bit of torque to remove it.
What condition is the rim in? If worn then it will probably be a good idea to replace the whole wheel

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