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Panasonic DX2000
I bought this bike in 1983. At the time it was the most beautful bike I'd ever seen. It's a Panasonic DX 2000 twelve speed with twenty seven inch wheels and it's seen hard usage over the years. The frame is completely chrome plated and although I replaced the pedals and tires just about all else is original. I was cleaning it today, used it at the shore over the Summer and I noticed tiny rust pits in the chrome. Some of the varnish has eroded from the frame and it has a cracked rear reflector which I would like to replace with the same as it was original on the bike as well. Anyway it cleaned up so pretty I thought I'd show it off and I found this forum. What better place to get some info on this relic the chrome pits are a concern.

[Image: kFwHIl.jpg]

[Image: qylT0l.jpg]
Yes, Panasonic made some great bikes especially in the 4000-5000 series and the Team. IIRC they made the hot late 70's Schwinn Super Le Tour frames too. Love to find a Team America bike. They raced against the legendary eyetalian bikes and won......

Nice bike big......IMO loose the suicide brake levers bike will look better. They were put on beginner bikes.


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I like the suicide bike levers they are the only modification I made to the bike that and removing the toe stirrups besides they go so well with the suicide shift levers.

Wait which are the suicide brake levers?
(09-01-2012, 04:20 PM)Blackadder Wrote:  .....
Wait which are the suicide brake levers?

The "suicide levers" are the secondary brake lever that runs under the central straight part of the handlebar on both sides of the fork stem. The down tube shifters are fine.
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Oh I see. I now understand your concern; these are a bit different, instead of actuating the primary brake lever through a complex dual axis linkage these are directly attached to the brake cable and have the same actuating throw as the original levers if needs be. That is of course if the brake pads are not worn and the rim is clean and the brakes are adjusted properly but that would be the case even if all I had were the original levers. I use the primary levers when I "ride the downs" (How 'bout that I'm pickin' up the jargon.) but since I am a bit on in years I find the "straight" of the bar a more comfortable grip.

Thanks for the info.
Can't help it, gotta say it, those reflectors rule.
Yeh contrary to wonna be most riders ride the high flat part of the bar. Here is what I did to make my bike comfortable for me. I just took off and than reversed the bar , found my angle and handhold than cut about inch higher for the brakes.

This is very comfy for me and does not put stress on the wrist and pressure on the corpal tunnel.
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