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Help - Is what I want to do possible?
(08-10-2012, 01:26 AM)nfmisso Wrote:  Possible yes.

Note: your bike is newer than any of mine. Smile

Currently you have a freewheel not a cassette.

You need a new rear wheel:






And as Xerxes noted, you will still not get the ratios you want.

I had a 1X7 bike with a 44T chainring - I pedal slowly, so I wanted a 48T front ring - cheapest way was to purchase a 28-38-48 triple; later I added the FD, and have since sold the bike.

You must have some awfully steep hills to use the 28/34 combo. My SR's lowest is 39/23 - which is more than adequate for what I encounter on my commute. On the high end I have 52/13 which with a strong tail wind in the afternoon, I could go quite a bit higher - on level ground.

Our tandem is now equipped with 26-44-54 and 12-30 7 speed in back. But tandems need lower gears and higher gears than singles.

He has a Cassette and a Freewheel, Cassette is the collection of Rear Sprockets and The Freewheel is inside the hub and allows for coasting.
(02-15-2013, 01:26 AM)BrentsBikes Wrote:  ......
He has a Cassette and a Freewheel, Cassette is the collection of Rear Sprockets and The Freewheel is inside the hub and allows for coasting.

You are confusing cassette and freehub versus a freewheel. Please see Sheldon Brown's website for definitions. On a bicycle, a cassette and a freehub are mutually exclusive.

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