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"Custom" Bikes?
I'm new here, an old fart, and rode my first bike, a brand new 26" Huffy when I was 8 and living on a dirt road. Dad customized the pedals with a 2X4 and some tape so I could reach the pedals. Anyway, I know that there are all sorts of styles of bikes out there and that purists can stop reading here. I just got a Raleigh 10 speed from the dump. It had no seat or stem and it was a 5 speed only. Wheels need truing, need new back brakes and a new tire. A bit of rust, actually a lot of rust. I got it for me to ride, not for resale. I immediately added a wide cushy seat and would even like to add more comfy handle bars instead of a racing style. Do others do things like this? I've looked for pics of other rat bikes but found nothing. I just want to have fun with this thing. Anyone know where I can view some pics for ideas?
Just go to google and type in customize bike and it should show results in the images section.
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!
Thought I would chime in on this post. For reference pics of custom rat rod bikes you can go to they have a good selection in the gallery. For doing custom paint you could try
something like this. Give your bike a marbleized look with this technique spray you paint then take some cellophane wrap and crumple it up then stick it to your paint and re-peat the process until the bike is covered. Afterwards spray clear over it and you're done except for color sanding and polish.

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