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Pedal all day and don't go anywhere
I have an old Bianchi that was left on the curb. I thought it was because some one had cut the cables. I guess I was wrong. The Freewheel or freehub, what ever its called is not catching. I sprayed it good with lube but Im guessing that will not help. The only ID I found so far is the shifters cand derailleur say Quatro on them which I believe is Suntour.

Is there any fix without spending money? I have a few freewheel removal tools including a couple flat bars with little chain whips on them. Its just been a few years and like Kelly Bundy to make room for new info some old info is lost.
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You can try flushing the freewheel with degreaser and then with oil to loosen up any stuck pawls inside of it. Note that you have to get the lube into the interior of the gear cluster. If that doesn't work, you can try to take it apart and fiddle. Tricky, but possible. Usually you need a pin spanner to disassemble the freewheel by unscrewing the lockring.

You can probably get a new freewheel for $15 or so. I'm assuming you have a freewheel (and not a cassette) but you should confirm before you buy anything of course.
Thanks. I dowsed it good with GT85. That stuff is a miracle liquid. I was doing something else and I swear I heard those pawls click loose. Probably should try to get some heavier oil in there.
I watched myself crawlin' out as I was a-crawlin' in
Some of my bicycles
My Schwinns

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