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Chain or Der. or Both?
Want a good laugh?

I thought my derailleur was bad so I bought a new one. When I replaced it I found that the old one was fine, my chain had bound and twisted. So, one new derailleur and a new chain (both Shim. XT), and I'm still fighting the Click (Sounds like a disease, feels like it too). Here's the process leading up to my continued frustration:

I put the new derailleur on my bike then put the chain on. I have a Sortie 1 full suspension and followed some online guidance to getting the right chain length (I may be off still, is thought #1 about the click).

Clicking continued and my adjustments weren't getting me accurate shifting. Which led me to buy a new hanger (actually I got 3 of them because i'm always bending them or fracturing them).

Wait, let me go back. Before the new hanger, I changed from the Rock Shox/Sram Bar rear shock to a Rock Shox Ario.

Now, I have good shifting, but I still have the "click" when I ride wheelies or apply a large amount of torque (which isn't much, but enough for the "click").

So Any Advice?
I wanted a good laugh as promised.
Now, I might have to cry.
Need more info. The 'click' could be a loose screw on your shoes cleat.
Wheelies don't pop themselves. (from a QBP fortune cookie)

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