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Detached Shimano CJ-NX10

I have an Electra Classic cruiser bike with Shimano CJ-NX10 gears. I'm striping the bike to a very clean look. Removed the front brakes and some other parts. Also detached the Shimano shifter from the handlebar and the gear, removed the cable but kept the gear itself. Now with the shifter detached from the gear, the gear is in 1st gear. Is it possible to shift it up to around 3rd gear without the need to have the cable and shifter attached ?

You could attach the cable, pull it the desired amount and fix it to the chain stay with a clamp.
(04-03-2012, 10:05 AM)Joe_W Wrote:  You could attach the cable, pull it the desired amount and fix it to the chain stay with a clamp.

I was thinking about that also, but I wandered if the shimano gear had also some kind of mechanism so that you could "lock" it at a certain gear. I checked some manuals already on the shimano gear but haven't found anything so I guess the only way is by using a short cable and clamp it close to the gear. I have some bolts/parts of another brake so I can also make the clamp is a way that I can still fine tune the gear by screwing or unscrewing.


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