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Specialized brake handles
The 1984+ Centurion Accordo //// brake lever comes with an extended grip handle that is attached to shaft of forward brake lever , turns to the side then heads toward center of handle bars. These are handy, usable by hand that's on top of Handlebar. They are also on antiek 1975+ Peugot bike. Does anyone know where to find these brake levers. New or used is OK

Are other brake lever types adaptable for using these special levers ?
I don't think these are made anymore though you may be able to find some on ebay or at a bike coop, etc. They're usually called "extension levers" or "suicide levers" ( The "suicide" term is because they don't brake the bike well, tend to brake themselves, are a generally a bad design.

If you're trying to restore the bike, you may be able to track some down. Though it would not have been unusual to remove these from a bike back in the 80's anyway.

If you're more concerned with just having multiple hand positions with brakes, the new way to do this is with "interrupter levers". These work very well and don't have any of the safety issues. I think they work best with more modern aero levers where the brake cable runs along the handlebar instead of looping up and over though. So you might need to get new levers and the interrupter levers.

Note also that a lot of people are taking older road bikes and putting upright bars on them to better suit a comfortable riding position. Note sure what you're end goal here is.
As an example of what Dave suggested:

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