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Freewheel repair
I have an unusual bike and one of the freewheels fell apart recently. I was told that I need a 'pinsetter' tool. What is that? can anyone enlighten me? thanks, Jack
Jack, pictures required of what you have, and much more description.

Freewheels are generally considered to be replacement items like tires and chains.
Thanks nfmisso,

My bike has 10 freewheels mounted on driveshafts so it's hard to replace. Hopefully this picture helps but maybe I just need to find a mechanic. Maybe beyond the scope of the forum. I appreciate your attention. John
One look at google and here it is.With more search you can find the specific sizes needed for your repair. Contact manufacturer for info. Looks like a solid build. No problem you can now fix your rickshaw. :-)))


BTW further search indicates that its a bowling alley tool. Hmmmm. Perhaps a riveting tool is what you need.
Never Give Up!!!
I found it. It's a pin spanner wrench!

Thanks All!


BTW further search indicates that its a bowling alley tool. Hmmmm. Perhaps a riveting tool is what you need.

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