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CO2 Inflator?
I'm unable to use a pump, other than to fill the innertube enough to install it on the wheel. I need a CO2 inflator to bring the tire up to pressure.
I'm told I'll need three 16gram cartridges to get a 26 x 2.125 tire up 30psi. I ride at 35psi.
Inflator manufacturers seem to insist that "generic" cartridges will not work properly & will void the warranty. Generics like these are at least half the price of "brand name" cartridges.
Do any of you have an inflator you like that works well with these "generic" cartridges? Either 12 or 16 gram, threaded or not.
Thanks for your help.
does not make sense to me about your pump. If you own a car buy a cheap pump you plug into your lighter socket. they will pump anything, are cheap and come with a gauge. I am not a big fan of co2 jobs. but for you bike buy a double action pump of better quality
If you have an xtra 12 v battery you can wire an aux.socket and plug the pump in inside the garage
I made a cart for mine and wheel it around. great if you do not have an air compressor. you will need a charger also
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Any C02 cartridge will work with the inflater. I have used generic ones without a problem, although on some presta valves, the valve does not trigger the inflater to release the CO2. I wouldn't worry about the warranty issue. The inflates are relatively cheap and, in my experience, seldom have issues with other cartridge brands.
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JohnV, thanks for the reply. Which inflator have you had good luck with?
I use the Genuine Innovations inflater. It came as a kit with tire tool and a patch kit, but you can get them by themselves without any of the other stuff.
HCFR Cycling Team
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(10-17-2011, 07:44 PM)JohnV Wrote:  I use the Genuine Innovations inflater. It came as a kit with tire tool and a patch kit, but you can get them by themselves without any of the other stuff.

10-4 to PK about wiring a socket to spare battery, or alligator clips to the pump.

I have a CO2 kit like that for my motorcycle for road flats, fortunately I did not need to use it. At home and for the road I got 2 12V pumps that work well. You can probably find one that works on house current.

In the long run that may work better for you and save the CO2 for road use.
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So JohnV, your inflator isn't the new one like this?
[Image: image.php?object_type=product&image_id=256]

It's the previous style like this?
[Image: image.php?object_type=product&image_id=125]
So everyone understands I should have said that I only seek a CO2 inflator for road use, not home use.
The folks at Genuine Innovations were insistent when I called them that "generic" cartridges may not work properly due to poorly cut threads & incorrect dimensions on the unthreaded refills.
Thanks for the info JohnV. I was going to get a genuine innovations until they talked me out of it.
By the way, has anyone used the new Proflate Elite with generic cartridges?
[Image: image.php?object_type=product&image_id=256]
I guess they are still selling this one also. I suppose it's the same as the other, just with a different storage bag.
[Image: image.php?object_type=product&image_id=130]
The kit I have is the one shown on your last post, but the inflater does not have a trigger. I guess the model I have is less expensive or a really old one.
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I contacted Genuine & they said the ultraflate Plus is now this style

[Image: 41flXWe0HwL._SL500_AA300_.jpg]
And should work OK with most threaded (3/8x24 thread) cartridges. Unthreaded is mainly where you run into compatibility issues. I guess there is some variation in cartridge neck dimensions & also body dimensions which can result in pressure loss when you seat them.
I like the idea of the thread on schraeder valve filler, (rather than push on) so this is the one I think I'll try.

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