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Freewheel luber
Does anyone remember ( I think it was Pedro's ) screw-on freehub lubricator? It fitted in the front of the unit ( off the hub ) and it was used to flush out the old lube and really worked.
I volunteer at a shop that gets old bikes that are ready for the skip and rebuild them for the disenfranchised for transport. We get a lot of tight screw-ons and instead of trashing them all. that luber would do it. Do they still make them in the US? If anyone knows about one please reply. I would love to buy one. Thanks for a great site!
Never seen that apparatus. I salvage many freewheels from bikes put out in the garbage, etc, and just soak them in Varsol (paint thinner) and blow them out with an airhose, maybe twice. Then lay them on their back and let some light oil run into them. Spin them free hand and if dirty oil runs out, wash them out again. This process has rehabilitated many rough running freewheels. Never have resorted to disassembly or buying a new one....yet!!

Your tool sounds interesting though.
Here's the freewheel injector tool: http://www.jastein.com/Html/Tools_for_Wheels.htm

Also, here's a version for freehubs: http://www.bikepartsplace.com/discount/cassette-body-oil-injector-freehub-buddy/
Thanks Dave, I will e-mail them.
I think the original tool was called a freehub buddy.
You can get both tools at the second link (look in lower left corner).
Craig Domingue - East Texas Hick
(10-20-2011, 09:59 AM)cradom Wrote:  You can get both tools at the second link (look in lower left corner).

I ordered a freewheel lubricator from jastein.com. He sent it to the UK a couple of days ago. I will post with the results.
(10-17-2011, 05:20 PM)dave_sd Wrote:  I think the original tool was called a freehub buddy.

Yeah, somebody ran a poll of "which of theese do you know" some years ago, also featuring the freehub buddy (among others).

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