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Noise in left pedal--2010 Schwinn Suburban Sport
Hope I posted in the right section. I found a video titled "crank noise" that perfectly shows the problem:


The bike was bought new, is 1 year old, 21-speed, stored inside, has less than 200 miles of light pavement only riding by an adult. About 5% of the time you can hear and feel a noise in the left pedal only. Doesn't seem to matter whether it is uphill hard pedaling or light flat road use that happens once with each rotation, it just comes and goes and try as I might I can't duplicate it. Everything seems tight and no obvious problems. The bike really has been babied, no off-road or jumping, just easy slow paved bike trails, its never even seen rain. I'm looking for my receipt as its within weeks of the 1 year warranty. Any ideas? Thanks
probably just re-greasing the pedal will do it, if the pedal is rebuild-able. Take off the dust cap (sometime threaded, sometimes snap) and look inside to see if the pedal is held together with nuts and washers - if yes, take it apart - don't loose any of the pieces - those washers with an oblong hole in them are hard to find. Clean with alcohol, generously grease with your favorite (mine is grease intended for boat trailer wheel bearings, cheap from Wal-mart). Put it back together, tighten until it turns freely, but without play.

also double check the tightness of the nut or bolt holding the left crank arm to the bottom bracket.

wheels, pedals, headset, BBs which are not sealed - all need regular re-greasing, at least once a year with the limited amount you ride (I ride 120 miles per week on my commuter and we put a dozen or so on our tandem on the weekends - and working on building that up).
Thanks for the reply. I have a long ride tomorrow and I'll see if it does it again and try to narrow down the noise more and take the pedal apart later that night to see if anything is obvious and re-grease at the same time. Wish bikes used the same tools as autos do I wouldn't have to go buy new stuff when I already own a ton of tools.

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