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Cantilevers to v brakes?
i have cantilevers on my next and am trying to figure out if i can put v brakes on it... i have all new arms, pads, noodles, cables ect. is this possible? any benefit?
possible and easy; you also MUST have brake levers designed for V-brakes because they require more cable travel. Levers not designed for V-brakes will bottom out before applying adequate braking force.

V-brakes provide significantly better braking force (shorter stopping distances) than cantis.
Nigel is correct. Brake swap is the easy part but levers are an issue.
Pull your levers open until you can see where the cable head seats. If there are 2 choices and one is marked C and the other V, you want the cable in V. A lot of levers now have this feature.
Wheelies don't pop themselves. (from a QBP fortune cookie)
i have a pair of brake levers off of a next that had v brakes and was planning to use those.

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