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Fork Problems

This is my first time posting here, and I have a problem with my bike. I purchased my Diamondback Edgewood from a bike shop three years ago. All of of sudden my handle bars started rocking from side to side. If I hold my front tires between my legs I can pretty much spin the bars around with ease as far as my brake cables will allow.

I thought perhaps my stem bolt was stripped, as tightening did nothing. So I took my bike back to the shop where I purchased it, thinking, oh they sold me the bike, surely they will be able to fix it.

At first I was told I needed I think a new fork, so they ordered me one and were not able to put it on. Something about not being able to get it threaded, as they didn't have the tool or some such thing. Then I was told that I needed to take it to a machine shop or welder and have someone deal with it for me.

So after having my bike for a month they've finally decided that they are unable to fix it. I'm taking it to another bike shop today and I'm hoping I will have better luck this go round.

Does anyone have any idea what the problem could be? I'm hoping to find out more this afternoon, but I'd like someone else's take on this who knows about bikes. I've just got a bunch of family members who think I need a new bike, and continue to speculate on things they know nothing of.

Anyways, Many Thanks
Have a lovely day
It could be that the fork steerer tube (where it goes through the frame) broke.

Threading a new fork is a pretty basic task for a bike shop. If this shop couldn't do it, either they really can't handle serious repair work, or something unusual is going on. I would definitely take it to another shop.

If the bike is in good shape otherwise, it may make sense to replace the fork. But this looks to be about a $300 bike. Ask the shop to look over the rest of the bike before they do anything. If it needs other work, new tires, etc. etc. pretty quick you'll be spending a lot for that cheap a bike. Unfortunately, sometimes you do come out best to just start over. A fork breaking is pretty serious and unusual. Don't put a lot of money into the bike if there's other problems or if the fork problem happened due to an impact/accident that may have caused other damage. But you need someone who knows what they're doing to take a look at it.
Kelly; if you are close to one of us; we could take a look at it.
(07-31-2011, 06:10 AM)nfmisso Wrote:  Kelly; if you are close to one of us; we could take a look at it.

I wish I was in Cali! Snow Snow...not now, but it'll be back.

Thanks though

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