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Wanted: Next 18 speed rear wheel
need a next 18 speed rear wheel. putting a bike together for a homeless guy and need to finish this bike up.
Some info on size (20", 24" or 26) may get you more replies?
Wheelies don't pop themselves. (from a QBP fortune cookie)
sorry ...i'm kinda new to this...it's for a next power climber and the rim size is 24 x 1.95
24 x 1.95 is the tire size, not the rim size.


this one would work. you'll need to remove the freewheel from the old wheel, or get a new freewheel.

Like this one:

if you get a new freewheel, you should get a new chain.
i shouldve stated this before...i need a whole rear rim for a 18 speed....i have the chain, tires, tubes,lights,seat,and everything else but i cant find a rear rim! ARRRRRGH!
(07-30-2011, 11:03 PM)nextmatt Wrote:  i shouldve stated this before...i need a whole rear rim for a 18 speed....i have the chain, tires, tubes,lights,seat,and everything else but i cant find a rear rim! ARRRRRGH!

Do you mean you want one of these:

A rim is just the rim, no hub, no spokes, no gears........
sorry... i meant to say is i need the whole assembly... rim, spokes, cassette, etc... the one he had is totally hashed! he never lubed,cleaned or did anything to this bike other than ride it (with sand in the rear hub!) this bike is a complete tear down and rebuild... but it's worth it seeing someone less fortunate get a good bike in the end....
Back up to my previous post, you have to buy the stuff a la carte.

If it is a six speed, it is NOT a cassette, it is a free wheel.

You need:

and make sure that you get a NEW chain specified for 6 speeds. Shimano and other offer chains spec'd for 6/7/8 speeds like this one which will work well:

and you need tools.
And explain to him the importance of cleaning crud off the cluster and chain and a little oil. Most shops in my area would lube a chain for no charge.
Cycle the streets of Bristol!
try your local bike shop for a second hand one. also some councils in the UK run bike schemes for the unwaged.

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