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How Does This Freewheel Come OFF?
So this may be an ignorant simpleton type question, but how do I get this off? The two small depressions can't be it, that's gotta be access to the innards. Is it two chainwhips, one on a rear cog and another on a front one and turn the front one counter clockwise? Is it voodoo, chicken bones, lizard tail and a crows foot?
7 speed freewheel, Suntour Japan. It's on an old Bianchi Eros (Japan). Everything seems to be Suntour Radius stuff, the shifters are on the downtube, front is micro-ratcheting friction type, rear is indexed, marked Radius Accushift Plus.
7 speed, 13 tooth to 23 tooth.

[Image: DSC00734.jpg]

A little closer:

[Image: DSC00736.jpg]
I think it's got to be a cassette. Two chain whips, remove by unscrewing the smallest cog. But it does look a bit different than the 6 spd suntour cassettes I've seen.
Haven't a clue; but some of these may lead to an answer:
(07-08-2011, 03:39 PM)nfmisso Wrote:  Haven't a clue; but some of these may lead to an answer:

If you don't have a clue, I'm in trouble.
is it possible that this is a faulty component and should have had a spline machined into it, but had missed that op at the production stage?

You can remove it by dismantling it and slogging it off with a hammer and chisel, but this will probably damage it beyond use.
I called Park Tool Technical Assistance & the guy seemed confident that it is removed with two chainring tools. Loosen & remove the front cogs & the rear cogs come off together in the manner of a psuedo cassette.
The hub's left side is normal with 1/4" bearings in a standard cone & cup. The drive side uses a reversed set up, with the cup on the axle & the cone on the hub and twelve 3/16" bearings!
The drive side looks like this (with the skewer removed for clarity)
[Image: Hub1a.jpg]
[Image: Hub1.jpg]
Then with the normal cup & cone removed on the left side the axle is pulled out & the hub with the cone on it revealed
[Image: DSC00734.jpg]
The axle with the drive side cup (please excuse the fine dust)
[Image: Cup1.jpg]
[Image: Cup2.jpg]

The funky cup with the twelve 3/16" balls
[Image: Cup3.jpg]
[Image: Cup7.jpg]
Just for scale here's 3/16" and 1/4" balls
[Image: DSC00867.jpg]
Use 2 chainwhips (this is shown tightening)
[Image: Hub5.jpg]
When the front cog is loosened
[Image: Hub6.jpg]
Removed for clarity
[Image: Hub7.jpg]
Which leaves the "freehub"
[Image: Hub4.jpg]
[Image: Hub4a.jpg]
And the pseudo cassette
[Image: Hub8.jpg]
With the locking cog reversed
[Image: Hub9.jpg]

Wierd, huh?
Suntour cassette !!

Since my last post, I have been learning about them also, as our tandem has one too.

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