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Sun T3 CX Tadpole near new with extras $1275
I purchased this trike new this spring and really like it but want to upgrade. It is pretty fast, faster then the one I want to replace it with. This is not the same as the EZ 3 SX. Has about 300 miles on it. A couple nicks in the paint. I will keep the flag but have another that goes with it. I may want to keep the computer and will be putting the stock pedals & crank arms back on. Every thing else you see goes with it. These are a very good option for some one who does not want to spend a lot of money. Something these have that many more expensive trikes do not is a fully adjustable seat

Extras are
Trek Bag
Rear Fender
Bontrager blinky
dual Bell led lights
Crane brass bell
Bar ends
Mirrycle mirror
Presta tubes

Steve 319-3five1-93five0 or 319-five94-77five4

Here is a link to factory info <a href="http://www.sunbicycles.com/product_detail.php?short_code=T3+CX+Tadpole&cl1=RECUMBENT" rel="nofollow">http://www.sunbicycles.com/product_detail.php?short_code=T3+CX+Tadpole&cl1=RECUMBENT</a>

Many more picture here <a href="http://s133.photobucket.com/albums/q63/sidmabb/bicycles/Sun%20T3%20CX%20Tadpole/For%20Sale%207_3_11/" rel="nofollow">http://s133.photobucket.com/albums/q63/sidmabb/bicycles/Sun%20T3%20CX%20Tadpole/For%20Sale%207_3_11/</a>

I watched myself crawlin' out as I was a-crawlin' in
Some of my bicycles
My Schwinns
Cool, it looks like you have 2 Geo Metros! Loved mine tell it went crack.
I was wondering if your trike was still up for sale? I live in the Fairfield, Iowa 52556 area and I noticed that your account says Iowa City; that's about an hour and half drive from were I live by interstate. Only thing that I am concerned about is that my x-Seam is about 42 inches and the x-seam on this tadpole ranges between 29" to 39", a measly 3 inches difference. I was needing to know if you have any expert advance about this trike for a 270 pound "possible buyer?"

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