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Centurion Accordo Find
well think I deleted pictures will try to find..walking down street in Ct I find a Blue/white Centurion Accordo in the snowbank..complete all there..posted in craigslist to find owner no reply..maybe people moved..had bike in front yard for people to see it maybe claim it no takers ..so was going to restore it but decided 12 speeds were not good for many hills in CT..put it on Craigslist a fellow replied gave to him for 60.00 he disassembled it packed it all in his backpack, carried frame and walked to train station and off to NYC on Metro-North RR ..said he needed for the city was very light too ..real nice should have kept for use at home but shipping and low funds take their toll at times..really like those Centurions hope to find another one ..in similar situation FREE ! Best kind ! Never could afford these got married kids etc etc..can indulge a bit now but am thrifty and in right place at right time it seems..and right locations..hate to waste anything never had it to waste anyway..well hope I find those pictures have 4 computers must be on one of them..
Yes we all love pics Smile
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!
teisco. is that a reference to cheap japanese guitars i hope?

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