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Wheels 26", 650c, 27"
Hi All;

Due to some incorrect choices; I find myself with some wheels to sell. I am currently in China, and have time at the moment to post the information. I can have my wife take some pictures if you are interested.
  • 26" (ISO 559) rear MTB wheel, 36H, new Alex Adventurer rim, Wheelsmith DH13 spokes, very heavy duty, black disc (6 bolt) hub, black rim with brake surfaces machined, brass eyelets, 130mm or 135mm OLD (let me know how you want it set before I ship it), bolt on. Hub is a CL salvage, with new bearings and cones. $150-
  • 650c (ISO571) front, Sun M14A rim, 36H, Wheelsmith SS14 spokes, Shimano hub, all new. $75-
  • 650c (ISO 571) rear; NOS Shimano 7 speed cassette bolt on hub, Sun M14A rim, 36H, Wheelsmith SS14 spokes, all new, 130mm OLD $125-
  • 27" (ISO 630) front alloy wheel, rebuilt with Wheelsmith SS14 spokes; hub and rim have less than 500 miles. $50-
  • 27" (ISO 630) rear, alloy rim, freewheel 5/6/7 S, 126mm OLD, rebuilt with Wheelsmith DH13 spokes on the drive (right) side and SS14 spokes on the non drive side; hub and rim have less than 300 miles. $75-

The above prices do NOT include shipping.

The 26" wheel was built up when we were considering purchasing a Mongoose AL Wanderer Tandem. After working out the upgrade costs, we found the Trek T50, and decided that was a much better deal. This wheel is a perfect upgrade for a Wanderer; or a Clyde's solo bike.

The 650c wheels were a mistake for my SR Sierra Sport - http://forums.bikeride.com/thread-3036.html After riding the Trek solo with 23mm wide tires that the previous owner installed; I decided that they are not for me. Unfortunately; I could not find 28mm wide tires to fit.

The 27" wheels were purchased last year for my World Tourist. They are low end; quick release on the front, bolt on at the rear. It was long before I had a spoke failure, then another. I found some vintage Suze-Araya 36H/40H sealed bearing wheels on ebay that have proven to be perfect and rugged. After the getting the Suze-Araya wheels, I rebuilt these with Wheelsmith spokes. I have been holding these as spares, but after more than 1500 commuting miles, I see no need to have spare wheels.

All of the wheels are true both radially and axially to better than .010" (0.25mm); have high tension and have been stress relieved.
Okay; just did some research, and found 28-571 tires; so I am not selling the 571 wheels. Sorry about that if you were interested.

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