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Spokes Rubbing Fork/Shock
As the title states, after tightening the NEW quick-release on a NEW front wheel, the spokes are hitting the fork/shock. What gives? My bike mechanic suggested something with the hub but it was unclear. Thanks in advance!
pictures required to provide any sort of answer.
So the spokes hit the suspension fork where the upper part of the suspension enters the lower part? On both sides or just on one side? Check that the QR lever is opened far enough to slip over what Sheldon Brown called the lawyer lips ( and recheck wheel alignment.
- misaligned wheel / not sitting in the fork ends
- dished wheel (disc hub in a non-disc environment, disc tabs should go on the non-drive side! or just a bad wheel)
- bent fork
But as Nigel suggested please send a pic as my crystal ball is off for being polished at the moment...

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