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New Membership System
As you may have noticed, when you click on a video you are now taken to a <a href="http://bikeride.com/memberships/">membership sign-up form</a>. I've started charging a small monthly fee for access to all of the video tutorials. Once you are <a href="http://bikeride.com/wp-login.php">logged in</a> you'll be able to watch any of the videos. Members will also have access to all future tutorials as long as your membership remains active. You can cancel at any time and you will still be able to login and watch videos until the end of the term you've paid for.

NOTE: The help forums will remain free, but require a separate registration/login.

Bicycle Tutor currently runs at a loss and is badly in need of funding. I sincerely wish I could keep the videos free for everyone, but in reality that is just not feasible. I will be keeping the membership fees as low as possible to ensure the videos remain accessible to many people.

A few things membership fees will fund:
  • Hundreds of new video tutorials.
  • Rent for a small permanent studio/office space.
  • Purchasing of bikes and components to cover all makes.
  • Full-time wages for myself and a few technical staff.
  • Development of smartphone video apps.

Initially it'll take me a few months to get set-up and rolling at full steam. I'm really excited about the possibilities and am keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks to everyone who's been patiently waiting for new tutorials!
for the help your videos have given me over the last week or so i wouldnt mind paying a small fee at all, at the very least i owe you a thankyou just for putting these videos online most i have seen have been terrible and explained nothing.

so thank you alex keep working hard, this is one site that deserves to make it
ride until your wheels fall off

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