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Multiple problems
hi i've only just discovered this site and its an absolute fountain of knowledge and it has given me one hell of a lot of help over the last few days.

basically i have a diamond back outlook that has been in dire need of maintenance for a while now and i've just got round to doing it, i started by removing the bottom bracket and thats where my troubles began.

i have managed to remove most of it using standard tools but the drive side bearing cup is frozen in place i have been to halfords this evening and purchased a tool thats is specifically designed to remove it but even with a 2 foot lever it still wont budge.

secondly i removed the rear derailleur to give it a general clean,when i removed the rear wheel i noticed the axle had actually snapped about halfway down so i have also purchased a new axle but none of the tools i have at my disposal will remove the gear cassette.

i am now at a total loss about what to do,i really don't want to use my lbs as ive already forked out nearly £100 on tools and parts today (another £120 and i could have had a new bike)

please someone point me in the right direction and i promise ill look after my bike in future so i don't have to go through all this again
ride until your wheels fall off
On the bottom bracket, make sure you are turning it the right way, the drive side has REVERSE threads.

On the freewheel/cassette, you have to have a specific tool for this and there are a lot of different ones. Can you post a picture of what it looks like?
(05-03-2011, 06:02 PM)DaveM Wrote:  On the bottom bracket, make sure you are turning it the right way, the drive side has REVERSE threads.

On the freewheel/cassette, you have to have a specific tool for this and there are a lot of different ones. Can you post a picture of what it looks like?

i will post a load of pics in the morning or better yet if you follow this link you can see the tool set i purchased earlier
ride until your wheels fall off
Good overall toolkit. It looks like it has a cassette removal tool, you need to use that with the "chain whip" and that assume you have a cassette and not a freewheel.

yeah its got the cassette tool but it doesn't fit, i found another tool on the shimano site its basically a nut with 2 pins on it that fits into the holes on the cassette but i cant find a source for 1
ride until your wheels fall off
Careful. If the holes you are talking about are the two small ones on opposiite sides like shown in this pricture:
That is not how you remove the freewheel. Unscrewing it there will take the freewheel apart (giving you lots of loose bearings and part of the freewheel still on the wheel.) The tool that removes a freewheel is the one the hand is holding in the picture. But there are several different types depending on the brand of freewheel.

It's still not clear to me if you have a cassette or freewheel. It is an important distinction. This article's pretty good:
Just want to throw this in, I have a Diamondback Outlook right here ..... http://forums.bikeride.com/thread-2826.html .
Does it have the "Mega Range" on it as shown in my picture?
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!
hi all.
just want to say thanks for all your help.
i finally got the bearing case off today after resorting to a blow torch and brute force.
i have also managed to replace the rear wheel bearing after biting the bullet and returning to halfords and asking them to remove what turned out to be the freewheel.
all i now have left to do is get the front derailleur set up properly which im struggling with but i think it needs a new cable and i need some sleep (its been a long long day).
heres the pictures i promised yesterday any way
ride until your wheels fall off
just a quick update,i have come to realise that because i have had to put on a new front crankset which is slightly larger than the original the front derailleur is actually part of the problem now,when trying to shift into the bottom chainring the bottom part of the swingarm actually bloks the chain slightly this will be an easy fix thoughbut the difficult bit will be when shifting into the top ring because of the shape of the swingarm it wont let me move the derailleur any higher so the chain just gets lodged in it.

if anyone knows of a low profile derailleur or a way of modifying the 1 i have please let me know,as things stand at the moment i think im going to stick with the 7 working gears i have until i can afford to buy a new bike unless some1 comes up with a genius idea
ride until your wheels fall off

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