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Beautiful day in San Diego
Holy smokes, it was an absolutely gorgeous day for a ride in San Diego today! it was like a teaser taste of summer. Got in 50 miles from my house to the beach and back. Where did you ride today?
I got about 15 miles just running around for Sunday errands, with my riding partner Zadey! It was rainy cloudy a few head winds but still not a good enough excuse to not ride!
Glad yours was really enjoyable Smile
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!
It's been awesome weather in Central Florida for several weeks now. This time of year the humidity is low and it is great riding weather. I ended up doing 30 miles yesterday after not riding for a week. I was hoping to do 50, but ran into some very strong headwinds. Felt like I was pushing a wall. I'm going to enjoy it while I can before the humidity and temperature goes up.
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It is here in SF Bay Area too.

Saturday, between working on my project bikes; I got in a short ride (~8 miles round trip) to a machine shop to pick up some parts for work.

Sunday, a short ride over to Wheel Away bike shop (Great Bike Store !!), and then extended my loop to about ~7 miles after buying a couple of parts.

This morning, beautiful 12 mile ride into work - and I even hit all the lights except one perfectly Smile
I finished my 20 miles ride to the beach yesterday. Although the sunshine was so hot , I still excited because I felt relaxed and enjoyable.
Ye 10-4 to that Dave.

Just got back from a ride along the coast to a vintage Woody car show at Marina del Rey. The original California surfer mobiles. That was nice. Some of them actually had wooden bodies from the frame up, wow. There were also some early engines on display like a 1913 tractor hit miss engine (no idea what that means) and some miniature steam engine boats. BTW its 75 degrees here on the coast.
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6 inches of wet snow here! Tue-Wed forecast 60 degrees. Can't wait to test ride my winter project!

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Riding on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on
Ride on, gonna have myself a good time - AC/DC

it was a beautiful day here in Boise and It almost felt like spring made it 20 miles to and road half of those in the mountains love this place
perfect day yesterday here in Toronto, its been way to humid lately for my liking and nice to ride when it doesn't feel like 45C

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