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Brake lever problem
I recently finished restoring an old 1991 Diamond back Allure Hybrid. It came out pretty nice, I had it sandblasted and repainted it a candy apple red, couldn't get the matching handle grips though and I had bought them before the paint was finished. Anyway I am having an issue with the rear brake lever, it does not seem to spring back into place as well as the front brake and has a bit of play in it. What adjustments could I be forgetting about?
3 areas to look at:<br />
1) The brake lever pivot. Without the cable attached this should be loose but not sloppy.<br />
2) The cable for binding. It should slide back and forth without drag.<br />
3) The cantilevers. These should be free to pivot but not sloppy. The pivots could bind. You may be able to increase the spring tension to increase the release pressure but obviously will require more force to operate.
Unclip the straddle wire at the rear and pull on the cable from the brake lever.<br />
With the other hand operate the brake lever and this should give some idea if it's O.K. or not.<br />
Squeeze the cantilevers together and again you should be able to check for good movement.<br />
Also check the run of the cable and that everything is inline with no kinks.
Some brake levers had an "assist" spring in them to help return it but compare with the other lever to see if they are the same.
Lastly make sure that the cable "barrel" end fits properly in the brake lever. If not it could interfer with the return of the lever

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Thanks, UK it was the brake lever itself. I unhooked it and it was sloppy so I tightened it up just a bit and that solved my issue. I am returning that bike to it's owner today, she is not going to recognize this bike, it used to be a dingy old flat black with faded yellow stickers, it was all rusty and not rideable. I'm hoping for a good reaction.

Nice job Jordan!<br />
I'm sure she will be very pleased.

Ride hard or ride home alone!
It went very well, she actually did not believe that is was the same bike she had dropped off. So I felt pretty good. She rode it on a bike ride with all her freinds the next day and they all liked her "new bike"


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