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Broken crank extractor
While trying to remove crank my crank extractor tool 'broke' - the stem of the inner part used to unscrew the crank snapped and now the part of the tool that screws into the crank seems stuck tight. I have tried using WD40 and then gripping with an adjustable wrench but cannot get a tight enough grip to loosen the extractor tool. Any ideas concerning getting the tool out?
We have used a centre pop tool to pop a dimple in the end of a sheared bolt. Off centre to the edge of the bolt.
Then using the centre pop, in the dimple, and a hammer, shock the bolt round to loosen it.
You might even find that a good blow to the broken part, that it loosens enough to let you unscrew it relatively easy.

Another way, if there is enough metal showing, is to put a saw cut across the end and use a large screwdriver to undo.
Two saw blades side by side in a hacksaw is usually wide enough for a screwdriver blade.
You could use an impact driver if you've got one.?
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without a pic im not sure exactly what happened to your tools, but maybe you can weld a nut to the broken piece ( if enough is sticking out) and remove it with a wrench or socket?
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