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50T to 54T
Hey, I currently ride a 50T-34T 110 BCD on my airlite 300 road bike.

I'm and looking to up this to a 54T new outer ring, (or possibly a 55/56 if i can find one, any suggestions?).

My main question is in relation to the chain, will i need a new chain to accommodate the larger size? (its only 5 months old, so i know im not needing to replace it due to wear.)

This would be the first time i attempt something of this nature, is there anything else which i need to look out for/take notice of when i undertake the operation?


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In theory you will need a few more links but I would try it first.
for chain length.
What you will also have to do is raise the front derailleur to clear the new big ring. Now this could cause a problem in that the chain, when on the small ring (34T) could catch the bottom of the cage of front derailleur.

Shimano's Tiagra website says that that their derailleur has a tooth range of 15T. (Other types will be similar.)

This is the difference between the two rings.
So 54 - 34 + 20T and with that the front derailleur probably won't cope. ???
In theory you could increase the small ring to a 39T and that should work.
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You will find 54 and 56t chainsets listed under Dura ace;
and this is how much they are!
you will almost certainly need to replace your fd and probably your chain
you could of course contact Raleigh customer service and ask them the feasibility of your upgrade;
this company makes chainrings to order;
Thank you so much guys!!
(11-24-2010, 05:51 PM)c-shizzle Wrote:  Thank you so much guys!!

Tall gear, dude. No cold starts for you.
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I know this isnt on topic, but how is the Airlite 300?? Is it the tiagra equipped one
Iv been considering getting it for ages, but i always worry that ill get it and not like it, or that it wont be any good for upgrading.
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Piedwagtail, Its a really nice bike, My first full road (well slightly more touring) bike than ive had before, I would describe it as a good first timers bike.

Upgrade wise, changing my chain ring is my first experiment in doing it, and yes ive been tough, as most bike parts i'm finding seem to be 130BCD, but to tell the truth, i have no need to change anything, i just want to as im getting stronger i want to push myself more.

Handling wise, i've only got my mountain bikes to compare it to, but its really good, quick and as comfy after you hit that 90 mile mark, as it was on the first, mainly due to slight touring like nature of it. But don't let that put you off, i'm had it up to some good speeds and been keeping up with my mate on a full racing bike. (just not beating him due to his larger chain ring, but that will change soon)

In summary to this apistal, Its good. if you've got the cash, i would even consider the other airlite's in the range.

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