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Do I replace a rusted chain on my kids bike?
Hi there,

I am not working and don't have the money to fix my daughter's bike. Her bike was outside in a seaside town. And the chainring and chain is rusted, is there something I can use to clean them both up until I can get new parts for her?

I just use WD-40 then coat the chain in grease and run it over all the gears to everything's coated. Keeps the rust off for a good month for me at least.
If the chain is completely reddish orange looking from rust you could coat it in WD40 like he said and then maybe (with the bike upside down) spin the crank using steal wool to remove some of the rust. You could then lube the chain to protect it for a while against the rust. You won't be able to remove it all but it'll operate better.
is it rusted to the point its unusable, or just ugly with rust? why dont you show us some pics and a description of the bike (number of teeth on chainring, for example), many of us here have a spare parts pile and this time of year would be happy to help get your daughter rolling again.
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I've got an old bike that's been wintered and left to sit for a year.
The chain is very stiff, caked with rust, salt and dirt.

What is the easiest/ cheapest method I can use to un-seize the chain?

I sprayed some oil and left it to soak, and sprayed a bit of WD 40 but they didn't seem to help.
If you can't afford a new chain, remove the chain from the bike and brush naval jelly on all four sides of the chain. Don't get stingy with the jelly. Use a thin haired brush so you can get into and around the links. Let the chain soak in it for about 2 hours then wash it off with water and dry the chain thoroughly. Spray it with WD40 or other rust penetrent and let it set awhile. This will get into the areas that the naval jelly didn't and help loosed the links more. Wipe the WD40 off the chain, put the chain back on the bike and use your normal chain oil and you should be good to go.

I haven't done this on a bike chain, but I have used this method on industrial chains that were pretty rusted to where some of the links were frozen and it works.
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just steal the chain off your neighbors garage door openerSmile
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