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Looking for wheel cones and seals
Man , nothing is as easy as it seems. I started to refresh the wheels on my 1985 Fuji Del Rey. When I pulled the axle and cones I found the front wheel cones worn. It is a Suntour Le Pree hub.
I went to several bike shops and they just did not have much, not even replacement wheel nuts. I found one place with some, "Bikerowave" which is a do it yourself shop. Real nice with lots of people wrenching on their bikes with some help from mechanics.
I got some cones but found that the seals on my bike had a larger ID so now there is a gap. The seals are very nice automotive quality. So now I am looking for different seals. (still looking for right size cones too). So many different ones out there, no standards.

Used to be lots of seal and bearing shops around, now suburbia sprawl pushed them out of town. Looking for one close to Venice.

Anyone out there got a good source for wheel parts??

BTW I cleaned and painted the rusty spokes with black oil enamel and they look great with the black rims. Replacing them with SS was a $60 job per wheel. ANND I like the black look, oil enamel is very durable.
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eBay is your friend Smile
Chuck Norris actually died 20 years ago, death just hasn't built up the courage to tell him yet.
Nah, nothing on bay. Not much anywhere. Seems that maintaining our wheels with cones is becoming a parts issue. I checked with all local dealers for parts for the Suntour Lepree hubs. They just do not have parts for anything anymore. Sucks.

I wound up using Shimano cones ( which had smaller diameter) and used a o-ring on them to fill the gap between the cone and the seal. Worked out great.

It seems that eventually replacing the hub or entire wheel may be the only way to go.
Possibly the new sealed bearings are standard and can be replaced from a bearing supply store if you can find one in your area.

I'll be doing the head and BB next hope parts wont be an issue. Shees.....
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:/ Can't win 'em all.
Chuck Norris actually died 20 years ago, death just hasn't built up the courage to tell him yet.

I recently got a complete axle assembly from Niagara Cycle thru Amazon;
Thanks , nothing usable came up in my searches on amazon or google when I broadened my search to axle and axle kit.
Those wheels from Niagra sure are inexpensive. Just not enough size info given and some spokes not ss.

I finally found an 5/16 QR axle kit on ebay for $13 shipped. Thats close to 8mm I got. Not bad, till I saw complete wheels for $27 bucks + shipping. The dealer told me with his labor and parts its cheaper to replace a wheel. I told him my wheels are of good quality worth keeping. :-))

So many different threads , some almost work.
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PS......... One of the issues of replacing cones if one could find ones with correct thread or replacing the entire axle kit is that the existing seals or dust caps will likely be different. Also the length of cones may be different so spacers may need to be changed. AND axle drop out length varies. So more fiddling.

Ye it seems we are a throwaway society and its easier to replace a wheel than repair it.But fiddling gives me quality time in the garage, and no honey do this.:-))
Never Give Up!!!

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