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New bike now or save up?
Right, currently on my old Peugeot that pretty much needs an entire new drive train, that will set me back about £100 and a fair bit of time out in the shed (not that I mind that too much Tongue )

Ebay has a Raleigh 100 (Airlite 100 for Rutland Cycles shop) for £300 RRP£500

I know the Raleigh is quite low spec, 2300 groupset etc, but it should be such a massive improvement over what I'm riding at the moment that I cant help but think it might be worth convincing my dad to lend me £150 to buy it while theres some left. I'd have paid him back by Christmas anyway.

Other option is; wait, have to spend £100 on my Peugeot, but then save for something a bit better sometime next year.

Firstly, anyone have any experience with the Airlite 100??
Secondly, which of my above options seem the most sensible??

PS Peugeot doesn't have a standard BB or headset so it'll be difficult to upgrade if I don't get another bike, whereas the Airlite presumably could be built up quite nice with a 105 group and some nice wheels in future perhaps, it has the same frame as the higher end Airlite 400 (RRP£950)

So many things to consider and then I worry that I'll end up regretting it in the future whatever i decide Sad

Any help will be very much appreciated
Thanks in advance
"Yes Mr Car Driver, that's right, I'm pushing my bike."
(update: "Yes Mr Car Driver, that's right, I'm riding very slowly.")
"Why?? Well, because the muscles in my legs are currently being eaten away by lactic acid. So please either stop looking at me with that disapproving expression, or give me a lift"
Hi Piedwagtail another UK rider.

Ye new toys are always calling, we are conditioned to buy more. :-))
Is this the bike? If so nothing special at 30 lbs.My 1985 Fuji Del Rey is 24 lbs. Current hot bikes are under 20 lbs.


The prices in UK are a lot higher than here in USA like wow higher. IMO winter coming pimp up the Peugeot and save your money. I had a Peugeot and the Simples dérailleurs sucked. So upgrading yours is a good thing. I got a couple of winter projects Myself.
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Ohh, Pied. I know where you are coming from! Very frustrating situation. I am mostly a MTBR but love the road too. My last new roady (I still own) is a Bianchi circa 1992. I just got a '11 Trek 2.1 and... wow. I mean WOW. No Way, though, that that Bianchi will leave me. We fit together so well on certain rides. I'm having thoughts of 100 Mile Sundays, once a month, on the 2.1 - I am in trouble! Forget carbo-loading. Cholesterol, baby!

That was a great help, huh? I just love old bikes! You'll have to pardon me. I vote to keep to the P and spend some time in the shed. I have a fan in my shed! Save a few $$ out of a paycheck and add them up to ... you get the picture.
105, IMHO, is THE cats meow for the price.
Wheelies don't pop themselves. (from a QBP fortune cookie)
First things first, this is the bike George;
I think that one might be an olde3r model or something, this has carbon fork and 2300 16 speed.
Does that make it anymore appealing??
I do really want to upgrade the Peugeot, but I always read that Carbolites aren't worth it Sad and wonder whether the frame warrants any money being spent on it at all.
I'd could probably get away with just a new chain and freewheel to get me through the winter i suppose, but even then I don't know that have the money for something new next year, might be moving house and all sorts of things happening at the moment :S

Rob, I'm exactly the same, I won't ever be getting rid of the Peugeot, I complain about the weight, the clunky gears, the wobbly headset, the brakes that loosen themselves, the list goes on, but we've done thousands of happy miles together. It shall be till death do us part.
Also, the paychecks not gonna have enough for anything 105 standard for quite a while (around a year or so Tongue ) so the highest I'd ever go would only be Tiagra anyway, but even then it would take a age of saving.

I feel bad now, I think I'm just making excuses for the new bike, rather than listen to you guys who are no doubt much more sensible than me.
So another excuse too Smile I'll be starting with a club early next year and I don't have confidence in my brakes on group descents, that puts the price up to £150, almost half of the Airlite and my poor Peugeot probably still wouldn't be as good Sad
"Yes Mr Car Driver, that's right, I'm pushing my bike."
(update: "Yes Mr Car Driver, that's right, I'm riding very slowly.")
"Why?? Well, because the muscles in my legs are currently being eaten away by lactic acid. So please either stop looking at me with that disapproving expression, or give me a lift"
If your going to be keeping the Peugot any money you spend on it won't be lost so I'd say get it sorted while you save up for a new bike.

There are lots to choose from, take a look here for some ideas of what's available: http://www.bikeradar.com/gear/category/bikes/road/?brand=&results=12&orderby=highestrated&pricerange=0-500&_brc=0

I would say that you should choose a bike with the best frame you can afford to start with. Many of the other components will wear and need replacing in time and when that time comes you can decide whether to fit better components, but the frame is the heart of the bike and should last a lifetime. Having said that, you'll find that components are cheaper when bought as part of a bike than bought separately.

If you buy towards the end of the year you will often find new bicycles discounted as manufacturers bring out the new years models, often there will be very little difference between model years, sometimes just a few component changes and new colours so you can get a bargain if your not worried about having last years model.

I bought my "last years model" bike from Pauls Cycles: http://www.paulscycles.co.uk/ and saved about 30% on the new model price. Worth a look when you decide what you want.
Ye I see, the carbon fork and maybe slightly better components or more expensive anyway. I personally do not favor plastic composite bikes or forks unless you ride a lot of races and every little ounce counts. Racers replace them frequently. I notice no weight is given on the Raleigh, is it made in China to boot??

I am not impressed. I see a lot of pimped up bikes with unimpressive specs especially the weight where it really counts, all current shifters work very well. I never had problems with mine.Its just marketing.

BTW what is RRP?????????

Currently I am becoming a believer in going with steel vs aluminum frames. I got a aluminum mountain bike and its nice , but after some recent research I found there is no weight advantage as for aluminum to be as strong as steel it will weight as much as steel. Aluminum does not rust so thats good.

I have two MB one steel and one aluminum, just got a new set of 1.5 more road oriented tires and put them on the aluminum one and the bike had very dead feel, tried them on the steel bike and it was nice and lively. I put MB tires back on the aluminum one and thats my dirt bike.

As I mentioned I also got a 1985 Fuji Del Rey, Its a road bike and it made a steel convert out of me. Its very nimble got to pay attention and make small corrections, the road tires take some of the credit. In all fairness I should ride an quality aluminum road bike for a full comparison. Anyone out there has both?? Comments.


Peugeot is not a major bike either its OK I had one.(at least the ones I have seen) Here In USA we have Craigs list with lots of nice vintage bikes popping up, IMO you are better off getting the lightest vintage bike rather than heavy new bike. Light new bikes are obscenely priced and most coming out of China to boot.
Never Give Up!!!

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