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Cheap bike oils?
Went round town today for some bike parts from halfords and called into wilkos and saw some max-c bicycle oil in a 100ml bottle for £1.17 so i grabbed a bottle then went into the poundshop and got some mean machine-pedal power bike oil, has anyone had experience with these oils and are they any good?
Sounds like a good deal, but I am in the US and can not honestly give it a rating or a comment.
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!
I know this is an old topic but,

I have used Mean machine "brake & housing cleaner" and "alloy wheel cleaner" both worked well for a £1 out of a pound shop, Mean machine also have cheap bike components like pedals, handle bar grips for a £1 (not the worst I have seen either) but still wouldn't put them on my bike (again).

In Pound World you can get STP Silicone spray and Swarfega hand cleaner (really good stuff)

I use cheap oil sprays like DP-60 or Tesco band oil for cleaning rust of stuff so not to waste WD-40.

I think that watery oil you can get in Pound land is a waste of money looks like soapy water.
I have a 200 ml bottle of Mean Machine Pedal Power Bike Oil right in front of me - ready to be binned. I'm far from being an expert on bike mechanics, but it seems to me that the oil is far too thin. It has the consistency of water, smells like paraffin, the bottle cannot be resealed, and once applied the 'oil' drips off in no time. I reverted to using car engine oil - at least for the chain. I've also bought a T-shaped star screwdriver with a yellow plastic handle and a bike pump from Poundland - the screwdriver broke on first use and the pump lets out more air than it pumps in. Obviously, you get what you pay for. Regards, Dan
never use thin oils unless in a aerosol can like WD40 which are usually for helping to remove rust and free frozen components. only exception is scoch oil which i have never used or ever will it is supposed to be the leading brand for chain lube but i personally dont trust a thin oil with British weather to be safe i know it is only a push cycle but as i have both a motorcycle and push cycle i use lots of different oils for maintenance and lubrication these are the lubricants i use all the time lithuim ion grease it is thick you would need a 2 inch paint brush for thin applications to prevent cast off when riding then there is most motorcycle chain lubes they come in aerosol and if when you go into a motorcycle supply shop ask for anti-fling chain lube it comes in can of 200ml-500ml you spray it on and it starts off thin but thickens in 2-3 mins i use it all the time it costs about £3-5 but you get a lot of use out of that one can plus is you have anything that moves like gears (cogs not gears in side engines) you can use it on that they tend to be water resistant and they cling to dust and dirt which help prevent rusting, drying and eventual freezing of moving parts

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